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In terms of the number of attractions, the ancient Russian city of Vladimir is not inferior to Moscow, Peter or Kazan. It is the main point of the famous Golden Ring tourist route. And the proximity of Vladimir to the capital made him a “tasty object” for weekend travel enthusiasts. Many Muscovites travel here on their own – by train or by car. They enjoy antiquity, visit several historical sites, and then return back to Belokamennaya. All is well in this fast-paced, action-packed trip, except for one nuance. Upon arrival, you need to decide the question: Where to check in your luggage in Vladimir?

Cathedral Square, Assumption Cathedral, Vladimir-Suzdal Museum-Reserve, Museum Complex “Chambers”, Nikitskaya Church, Planetarium, Old Pharmacy, Observation Decks at Georgievskaya, Spoon Museum, Patriarch’s Garden, Trinity Church, Golden Gate, Catholic Church of the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Voznesenovskaya Church … – these and many other attractions are available to travelers in Vladimir. But, won’t you walk around the city carrying your travel luggage?

In order to properly manage your time, we recommend that you take care of placing your hand luggage in advance. This is extremely simple to do. We follow the link https://bagstop.club/ru/ – a portal for searching and online booking of places for luggage in the cities of the Russian Federation and around the world. The site will open an interactive map with various options for placing road luggage.

How does the alternative luggage storage system work?

Many hotels, hostels, restaurants and cafes have special guarded rooms with 24-hour video surveillance, where you can place your luggage. Bagstop.club is ready to book places for tourists in these luggage compartments. The cost of the luggage storage service in Vladimir is 3.5 euros (one piece) for a full 24 hours. There are no restrictions on the volume and weight of carry-on baggage. We accept for storage, insure and guarantee the availability of space for your luggage exclusively for the booked number of bags online on the site.