For keeper

For partners

Join to the team, become a Keeper, get new opportunities to develop your own business.

We made our  program very simple and clear.

Since you became a keeper, you show your location on website and also determine spare place, that you can offer for temporary keeping of our clients’ luggage (or a number of bags that you can accept), and get payment for every bag you receive. Everything is very simple.

Why to be a keeper is profitable?

Additional income to your main business

Additional income to your main business.

Do you want to make additional profit to your business? Your space, which is little used , can bring you net benefit with our help. Get commission for every bag you keep.

Attraction of prospective clients


Attraction of prospective clients.

Partnership with is an advertisement for you. Do you agree that few people will refuse hot cup of fragrant coffee or tasty lunch in your café? The chances would be very good that some of clients will become the guests of your hotel or hostel, or will buy something in your shop. We also ready to announce about your additional services like hot shower, lunch and so on.

Free registration and technical support


Free registration and technical support.

Our service desk is always contactable and will help you to arrange everything you need after the approval of your application. We take on ourselves all technical and legal issues. gives you a ready technology. All you need to provide is some spare space for keeping luggage, and some time for its reception and reclaim in fixed time.

Timely payments


Timely payments.

We make payments to our partners regularly and without delays once a month.

Many businesses in CIS and Europe have already become our Keepers.
There are different places among them: from hire of bicycles and local shops to restaurants and hotels.

Lots of system’s users have become clients of our partners as well.

Keeping of two-three bags per day will contribute to your business about 5000 $ (euro) of profit annually as an additional bonus to the main income. Yes, probably, this sum is not so large, but multiply it by 5, 10! Impressive, isn’t it? Concerning that gives you such an opportunity without any fees.