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Luggage Storage in Florence

Vacations in Florence – leave things in the luggage storage in Florence

Florence is the world’s cultural home. Stunning paintings and sculptures of great artists attract tourists from all over the world. Squares, gardens and parks are the best places for a calm and relaxed holiday. You mustn’t get distracted from your journey. Therefore, leave your belongings in luggage storage in Florence from Bagstop.club. Our service has proved itself as a good one all over the world! Secure luggage storage in Florence will spare you the burden and worry about your belongings. And let you enjoy the beauty of this amazing city!

Luggage Storage in Florence
City atmosphere

The delightful capital of the Italian region of Tuscany has preserved the sensual atmosphere of the Renaissance. In the Gallery of the Academy stands the famous sculpture “David” Michelangelo, in Uffizi – works of the renowned painter Botticelli and exceptionally talented Leonardo da Vinci, whose creative heritage delights more than one generation. You may also visit the Duomo Cathedral, the bell tower of which was designed by Giotto and the dome by Brunelleschi.

Go get some souvenirs

Can you leave Italy without gifts? Take a walk on the Ponte Vecchio Bridge in Florence, which used to be a butcher’s shop, and now – jewelry and gift shops. There is a lively and noisy atmosphere that conveys the unique colors of the city. It is also possible to communicate with residents who will welcome tourists.

Culinary art

Italian food is famous all over the world, but many people don’t even realize that every neighborhood is known for its unique masterpieces. The national cuisine of Florence was influenced by famous medieval events. As well as the peculiarities of farming and agriculture. Cheese, basil, aromatic oregano, delicious olives, tomatoes, delicious meats, and, of course, fresh pastries are all you can enjoy in Florence. There are lots of trattorias, pubs, cafés with amazing food. You will be served the so-called «pane salato» bread with salt; you can taste the delightful Tuscan. We also recommend Kokkoli yeast dough balls and fabulously tasty cheese cuts. You can have Pappa al Pomodoro soup made of tomatoes, and after-famous pasta Tagliatelle. The Panzanella salad will make you so full, it would have served the main course. To walk the streets lightly, choosing the restaurant quietly, we recommend leaving things in the luggage storage in Florence.

Easy holiday in Florence

Walk through the lively streets of this wonderful Italian city. And let nothing interfere with your journey! Leave your belongings in a luggage storage in Florence using Bagstop.club. No queues, there are reasonable prices, convenient places to store suitcases and excellent service. We wish you the best possible rest!