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Luggage storage in the shopping center Vernissage in Lviv:

Our Luggage Storage Lviv Shopping Center Vernissage  provides service of preservation any baggage and other personal belongings of tourists and city residents at short-term (till 30 days).

We work to make your vacation experience unforgivable.
From now on, you do not have to spend time and money to go on train or bus station, and give your belongings in storage there. You don’t have to carry heavy bags with you while walking the streets of the ancient city.
No need to find a cafe or a shop where you will keep your bags.
From now on every tourist doesn’t have to worry about what to do with his/her heavy travel bag.

You can always keep your belongings in the Luggage Storage Lviv Shopping Center Vernissage “Bagstop.club “.
Using services of storage room “Bagstop.Club “, you get a number of advantages:
Each of our Luggage room is in the most convenient place for tourists.

Luggage room Center of Lviv  №1 is located on the main street of the city, near the Opera House, next to McDonald’s). Luggage room №2 is located on the main square of Lviv: Rynok first level of the Shopping Center Vernissage Lviv Mall.

 You can always choose a department that will be closer to you.
 We work seven days a week, without breaks or weekends!

 If you arrive to Lviv in the early morning and your apartment, hostel or hotel room check-in time afternoon – do not worry: we are open from 7 o’clock in the morning. You can easily go to the city center immediately on the arrival and hand over your things in our baggage room and begin get acquainted with Lviv right after.

If you check-out the apartment, and your train, bus or plane at night: no need to go to the station storage room and then return to the center. We work to 10 p.m. so you will use most effectively the hours remaining before departure keeping your belongings in our baggage room.
 Keeping your bags in the Luggage Storage Lviv Shopping Center Vernissage “Bagstop.club”, you’ll have instant access to them throughout the day. You can take back or put up anything from your bags without restrictions and at any convenient time.

 Keeping your bags in our storage room is very easy. Upon delivery of the baggage, our worker puts all required information in the “Book of Baggage,” and you will get a special token with the number and the logo “Bagstop.club”. This method is convenient, because now you do not have to remember special code as well as to study how to use automatic storage boxes.

 We are sure you will be pleasantly surprised by the cost of baggage storage. We offer to keep your belongings at the same prices as in the Central Station, but in a much better and more convenient place in the very city center.
 The storage room “Bagstop.club” provides 60 places for storage.
 Special attention is paid to the safety of your belongings. We guarantee 100% security of your baggage! We have round the clock security and video surveillance room. At any time you can see what happened to your baggage during the time of storage.

Over the past six months, at least 500 tourists and residents of our city are using the services of storage room “Bagstop.club” every day. And this is thousands of positive reviews from the first day of work. Those who at least once used the services of our storage room recommend us to their friends!
Keeping your baggage in the Luggage Storage Lviv Shopping Center Vernissage  “Bagstop.club” is convenient, close and reliable.

We accept for storage, guarantee the preservation and availability of space for your luggage, exclusively for the booked number of bags online on the site.
Have a nice day. Travel light with Bagstop.club


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