I’m afraid to leave my luggage in the unknown place. why shall i entrust my property to you?

We understand your fears fully. That is why our Keepers were chosen and checked very thoroughly by our experts to let you not only entrust to them, but also use their services like restaurant, hotel or confectionary. You can find rating and feedback of Keepers, while you are choosing a Keeper in the process of reservation.

As you see, we have put maximum efforts, to make you feel comfortable and safe with our Keepers.

How can I understand that a Keeper deserves 100% of trust?

All of our Keepers are checked, reliable and absolutely secure.

And all of the luggage, accepted for keeping on the Bagstop.club platform, is covered with a guarantee of 300 euros per every bag.

How can I pay my reservation? Is it safe to transmit the data of my payment cards?

All the payments, held through our platform, are made on secure servers, you can use your credit card or PayPal as well for payment.

How to find a Keeper?

You will get an exact address of the chosen Keeper after the completion of reservation and payment process in concern to provide safety. You will get detailed description of its location with distances from transport hubs and stops. Also you can print a fragment of map.

Can I pay the keeping of my luggage directly at the place of keeping without online reservation?

Unfortunately, online reservation and payment on the website are necessary. Keepers will not accept the luggage for keeping without this procedure.

Does the price depend on the dimensions of trunks/bags?

No way! The price for keeping is fixed and amounts 5 euros for one place per 24 hours regardless of the size and weight of the trunk/bag. The price can be less in some regions, and you will know about that beforehand during the reservation.

Is the payment for keeping calculated by hours or daily?

The rate of 5 euros (and other rates depending on regions) is calculated for 24 hours of keeping. If you leave your luggage for less than a day, for example 1-2 hours, your payment will be calculated by the rate of 5 euros for one place regardless of the number of hours.

Be careful with the working hours of the Keeper, which are stated in your reservation.

Is the time of keeping which I stated during the reservation obligatory?

No, you can bring your luggage at any moment of your reservation time, the schedule is approximate, but obligatory in the length of start and end hours. Also be careful of working hours of the Keeper to avoid closed doors.

I have reserved and paid a place for keeping on the website, but have changed my decision, can I get money back?

Repayment will be made in the amount of 50% of your payment in case if cancellation by Client happens earlier than 24 hours before the start of reservation made on https://bagstop.club. In other cases, the return of money is not provided.

I want to keep a large trunk and a small bag (for example, ladies’ backpack), should I reserve and pay 2 places of keeping?

Yes, you should reserve and pay a place absolutely for every unit of luggage regardless of its size on the https://bagstop.club website. Otherwise, Keeper will not accept luggage without reserved place.

If there any limits of luggage sizes?

No, we accept for keeping even very large and heavy luggage. Main thing is the luggage to be well and tightly packed, and its contents satisfy our requirements.

If there are any limits for sizes, they will be stated before order on the Keeper’s page.