London luggage storage
There are numerous reasons why you might be looking into luggage storage options, such as an early check out or a long flight connection to name a few. Exploring new places being weighed down by bags is not the most pleasant experience, which can be fixed easily by leaving your baggage in a locker. Let’s find the most convenient and money saving ways to do so.

«There’s nowhere else like London. Nothing at all, anywhere» — Vivienne Westwood. Now you’ve landed and and ready to explore. Where to leave your luggage?

At the airport (Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton and Stansted)

Excess Baggage Сompany is the official luggage storage of all London airports. You can leave your bags here for time periods starting with 3 hours and up to 3 months, enjoying flexible fees and group discounts. It has a convenient online booking system and offers some additional services such as luggage transfers, courier deliveries and bag wrap.

Heathrow (Terminals 2, 3, 4 and 5)
Where: Arrivals
Opening times: Mon–Sun 5am–11pm
Price: from £7.50 for 3 hours per item

South Terminal
Where: Arrivals
Opening times: 24/7
Price: from £7.50 for 3 hours per item

North Terminal
Where: Arrivals
Opening times: Mon–Sun 5am–10pm
Price: from £7.50 for 3 hours per item

Where: Departures
Opening times: 24/7
Price: from £5 for 3 hours per item

Where: Main terminal, opposite Costa Coffee
Opening times: 24/7
Price: from £7.50 for 3 hours per item

If you are travelling to Heathrow or Gatwick and will be going back in at least a week’s time, it is worth looking at Safestore: their lockers are bigger and prices lower.

Safestore Heathrow
Where: Safestore Feltham TW14 0AN (via bus — get on number 285 or 490 departing from terminals 4 and 5, and get off at Faggs Road. Alternatively, use the underground to Hatton Cross station on the Piccadilly Line)
Opening times: Mon–Sat 8am–6pm, Thu 8am–8pm, Sun 10am–4pm)
Capacity: 2–3 average suitcases
Price: from £8 per week

Safestore Gatwick
Where: Safestore Crawley RH10 1TN (By train to Three Bridges Train Station + 5 min by foot)
Opening times: Mon–Sat 8am–6pm, Thu 8am–8pm, Sun 10am–4pm)
Capacity: 6–7 average suitcases
Price: from £13 per week

At the train station

Just like in the airports, Excess Baggage Сompany is the official luggage storage facility of the UK railway. You may find their offices right at the train stations (look for blue Left Luggage sign). Fees and the range of services available are similar to the ones in the airports.

— Charing Cross Station (Main hall, Mon–Sun: 7am­–11pm)
— Euston Station (Platforms 16–18, Mon–Sun: 7am­–11pm)
— Kings Cross Station (Main hall, Mon–Sun: 7am­–11pm)
— Paddington Station (Platform 12, Mon–Sun: 7am­–11pm)
— St Pancras International Station (Main hall, Mon–Sat: 5.30am–11pm, Sun: 7am–11pm)
— Victoria Station (Platform 8, Mon–Sun: 7am­–11.59pm)
— Waterloo Station (Exit 6 (Southbank), Mon–Sun: 7am­–11pm)

London luggage storage  In the city center:

When you need to keep your luggage somewhere safe for shorter periods from a couple of hours up to a few days, use luggage storage services like Stasher, Nannybag or Luggage Hero. Their partners are located all over London, usually in a walking distance from the main tourist attractions and transport hubs. Getting tired of carrying a heavy backpack and want to enjoy your walk through the famous Hyde Park or visit Westminster Abbey and the Tower luggage free? No problems, just leave you bags in a locker!

Leaving your luggage with any of these companies means that your bags will be stored in a specialised luggage room of a hotel, café, rental point or a store. These places are known as Partners or Hosts, and are thoroughly checked and approved before getting registered with the system. No need to worry about the security of your belongings: all luggage rooms are locked and equipped with CCTV cameras; besides, your luggage is fully insured for the time you use the service.

Important! You’ll need to pay for your booking online; Partners do not accept payments on site. You will also need to provide your booking confirmation and any form of ID upon arrival. Remember, you are only able to pick up your bags during the location’s opening times, so check it carefully before booking.


— Convenient locations close to main London landmarks;
— Hourly fees (turning into daily payments after the first 24 hours of use);
— Simple and transparent booking process;
— No weight or size limitations.


— You’ll be paying per piece of luggage, so will have to pay for any extra bags you have.

First 24 hours Following days
Nannybag £6 £4 daily
Stasher £6 £5 daily 5 euro/ 24 hours
Luggage Hero £1/hour + £2 handling fee £5 daily
Bagbnb £5 £5 daily
Vertoe £5.95 £5.95 daily
15% off on the final total when booking weekly
30% off on the final total when booking monthly

For the times you need your luggage stored for longer periods, it might be worth looking at Safestore, Shurgard or Access Self storage. They provide automatic storage lockers of different sizes (the smallest ones fit 2–3 average suitcases), for the time periods of a week and more. You can check the locker’s availability and it’s price via the online booking system or on the phone.


— Great solution for those travelling with their family;
— Guaranteed security: no one will have access to your locker, but you;
— Discounts for long term bookings.


— The size of the locker is limited; larger lockers cost more;
— Less convenient locations. The lockers at the warehouses located closer to the city centre are more expensive

Minimum fee* Minimum locker size
Safestore from £10 per week 10 sq.ft.
Shurgard** from £12 per week 15 sq.ft.
Access Self Storage from £10.96 per week *** 9 sq.ft.

*final cost depends on the warehouse location
**has a great discount system: you can get a locker for £1 or for only 50% of its price for the first month depending availability
***for the first 2 weeks, £21.92 per week after

Although this is not a full list of luggage storage facilities in London, we hope this article helped you to get a good idea of where to leave your bags safely and enjoy your trip luggage free. Happy travels!

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