Convinient keeping of your luggage

When going to the holiday or business trip, we often have to walk with luggage for hours till moving in the hotel or till departure after early moving out from the hotel or apartment. It is uncomfortable. Also, most of museums, cathedrals and other sightseeing are forbidden to enter with luggage. And special cloak-rooms are not always near.

Yes, travelling gives us incredible sense of freedom as a rule, but only in the case, when we travel without heavy bags. will help you to travel light.

Our easy online system of reservation will provide convenient keeping of the luggage just in every place you visit.

Meet our keepers

You can reserve a place for your luggage keeping in advance, when you plan your trip.

We call our partners «Keepers». Usually our Keepers are hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, shops, points of lease or other places in the city, which are ready to take care of your bag while you enjoy your walk or shopping with calm heart and free hands. Our Keepers are always near at hand.
After accomplishing some simple steps, you make a reservation in our system and get your Keeper’s address, who meets the conditions of your trip as much as possible.

And then all you need to do is just leave your luggage in the appointed place and time. And, of course, take it back in proper time.

And don’t worry, we do not take extra fees for size or weight of your bags, as many companies do. Convenient, isn’t it?

Guarantee of safety

All of our Keepers are verified thoroughly and fully reliable partners. When you commit your luggage to the Keeper, you can be absolutely sure in its safety. But for more confidence we support every reservation in with financial guarantee of up to 300 euros for every bag. That is why no any force majeur with luggage will spoil your rest.

Payments on are held only through secure servers and payment systems, you will be able to pay your order by any comfortable way, with a card or PayPal.

Reserve the place now

Are you going to the new city? Or, maybe, returning to your favorite place?
Wherever you go, will help you to find a place for a comfortable and safe keeping of your luggage. You will not have to be concerned about its safety and uncomfortable moving in the city with bags anymore. To know more about our services or become a Keeper, please, contact us online or follow the instructions in the corresponding parts of website.

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